How to Turn on Dark Mode Google Chrome

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode
Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

The most using platform for a search around the world is Google and providing an update on their daily bases of the user’s requirements.  Google brought the native dark mode feature for the Chrome web browser. Now it is confirmed that before it arrives at macOS Mojave and starts with version 74 and later. The dark mode is now available for Chrome to window 10.

Chrome version keeps getting an instant update. For instance, you can check the version and update to the latest. The check-up is for the purpose if auto-update is force stop.

How to Switch Dark Mode on Google Chrome

There are two ways to enable the dark mode on Chrome with Windows 10. The first one you can switch the system night mode with the Personalization of settings page in the Windows Settings app which will trigger the night mode for Chrome automatically. Secondly, the way that you need to enable the –force-dark-mode flag to enable night mode all-time when starting the browser. Let’s teach the steps, how to enable the night mode for Google Chrome on Windows 10.

Note: There is a new option to force the dark theme for web content to start with version 78 Chrome and these are the steps to switch the feature.

How to Switch Dark Mode on Chrome using Flag

To switch the dark theme for Chrome on Windows 10, using flag then follow these steps:

  1. Double click on the Chrome icon to open the browser
  2. Then Right-click on the app button in the taskbar
  3. Next, choose the Pin to Taskbar option
  4. Here again, Right-click the app option again
  5. Click on the Properties option
  6. Then click on the Shortcut tab
  7. Go to the Target field add the given flag at the end of the path –force-dark-mode (the Target field should look like the same to this line: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –force-dark-mode.)
  8. After that, click Apply option
  9. Finally, click the OK button

Target Path Example

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --force-dark-mode

Your target path is possibly different due to the username and Windows drive you are using. However, you need to consider your own PC target path.

Force Chrome Dark Mode code Target path


Copy and paste this code in the target path of Chrome.

Right-click on Chrome and Properties
Right-click on Chrome and Properties
Enter Code, Press Apply and OK
Enter Code, Press Apply and OK

After the completion of the steps all the time you start with Google Chrome using the taskbar option you will get use the new night mode. If you want to remove the changes the same instruction but carefully Remove the –force-dark-mode flag from the Target field on Step No. 8.

How to Switch Dark Mode on Chrome using Settings

If you want to switch night mode on Chrome while using Windows 10 dark theme from the settings. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Then click on the Personalization option
  3. Then click on the Color option
  4. Select the Dark option under the More options section
  5. If you are using the Window 10 version 1903 then you need to choose your color from the Drop-down menu which located on the page at the top
Go to Settings and Personalization
Go to Settings and Personalization
Click Color and Enable Dark Mode
Click Color and Enable Dark Mode
Enable Dark Mode
Enable Dark Mode

After that, you need to click on the Chrome to open it and you will see the dark mode enabled on your browser.  When you are switching Chrome to Windows 10 it will switch night mode using the Settings app. But Google is going to developing this feature gradually, so the above all steps will show you how to enable the new color scheme using both ways.

Alternatives Ways to Enabled Dark mode on Chrome browser

Let’s show some of the alternative ways to switch dark theme on the Chrome browser. If you want to learn then scroll down the post:

How do I turn night mode on for Chrome?

If you want to enable night mode on Chrome browser then follow these steps:    

  1. Click in the Gray lamp option
  2. Then choose the Options in the menu
  3. You will see a new tab appear in Chrome tap strip and click on Night Mode tab
  4. Then enable the first Checkbox and then activate the Night Mode by Switch Feature

Is there a dark mode for Google Chrome?

Google has still looked after a lot of experimenting with Dark modes for the Google Chrome browser several times for the web and mobile app device. Until there no such simple option or button for easy to switch. But the users have activated Chrome’s dark theme on the different ways in each operating system. There are many reasons to select the night mode for the Chrome browser.

How can I make my Google chrome black?

Here are you can change the Google Chrome’s screen color to the black with a different color: Therefore follow the steps:

  1. Open your Chrome
  2. Click on the Three-dots menu button
  3. Then choose the Settings option from the menu
  4. Next, select the Extensions link from the left sidebar
  5. Here you can click either on More Extensions or Browse the Gallery
  6. Then Go to the Chrome Web Store in the search bar type the Change Color and hit the enter key
  7. You will see the Change Color extension then click the Add to Chrome option
  8. Choose your choice by click Add in the pop-up window
  9. Again go to the Extensions page, click on the menu options select Settings and then Extensions
  10. Under the Change Colors extension click on the Options link
  11. Set up the Use Web pages Colors to No
  12. Then click in the data field anywhere next to Links Color and then color palette will pop-up
  13. Finally, click in the Palette to choose the exact shade of your Green or other you want

How do I enable dark mode on Chrome?

Here are these steps to follow and enable dark theme on Chrome for an Android device:

  1. Tap to Open the Chrome
  2. Then tap on the Main Menu
  3. Choose the Settings option
  4. Next tap on the Dark mode option
  5. Tap on the Toggle to turn on the Dark theme on Chrome for your Android

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