Turn on Dark Mode themes on Google Play Store

Enable and turn on off Google Play Dark Mode theme
Enable and turn on off Google Play Dark Mode theme

Google Play is finally illustrating it’s dark mode themes option for all users using Android version 7 and above. The dark mode actually changes the all-white background to black dark colour. It is helping devices to save battery life. Usually white and other colour consuming smartphone battery on the screen while browsing your phone. It is why all the smartphone industry adding option from factory and developing the themes option within the OS.

Similarly, Android 10 is forcing all the App to push for system-wide colour. In other words, when Android 10 Settings choose the dark-mode, then all app turn into dark mode. However, for the Android version below 10 is still letting users get the option manually change instead of system settings. Refer to the following steps see how you can change the Google Play to dark mode to enable and disable.

How to Enable Dark mode on Google Play

Google Play store settings for the theme offer three different options. These options are Light, Dark and Set by Battery Save. For enabling the dark theme option to refer to the following steps.

  1. Open Google Play store from your smartphone
  2. Tap on the Menu and then scroll down to Settings
  3. From the Settings menu, tap on Theme to get options
  4. Now tap on Dark to turn on the Dark mode theme
Play Store
Play Store
Google Play Settings
Google Play Settings
Theme Google Play Store
Theme Google Play Store
Play Store Dark Theme option
Play Store Dark Theme option

There is also a battery save option which can set by battery saver. It will enable the dark theme only when battery saver on the phone is turned on. Battery saver option on a smartphone usually turns on when its remaining charge is 15% or less. However, the user can set manually the Battery Saver option percentage. While some smartphone options are even available to force the battery saver option even if it is near 100%.

How to turn off Dark mode on Google Play store

Using Android 7 or above, Google Play store allows three options for the theme to select. It is light, Dark and Set by Battery Saver. User must aware which option is set previously such as Set by Battery Saver. If it is Battery Saver, then charging smartphone battery will automatically disable the dark-mode theme option. However, to completely disable the dark-mode theme from Google Play store, then refer to the following steps.

  1. Go to Google Play store from your smartphone
  2. Tap on the Menu button then tap on Settings
  3. Now tap on the Theme from Settings menu
  4. From the listed options, tap on Light to turn off dark mode
Play Store Theme option light
Play Store Theme option light

The settings will completely disable any dark theme including battery saver set up. You can turn on again following the steps above.

Benefits of Dark mode or black background

It actually reduces the screen power consumption rate. Due to the fact, the dark themes are not consuming the battery power on smartphones. However, the light mode and other colour consuming battery and screen need more power to light the colours.

Set Battery Saver VS Dark Theme

Set battery Saver actually to set a trigger option of dark-mode when smartphone enables battery saver mode. Battery saver mode turns on by default when 15% battery power remains on the smartphone. However, some smartphones allow users to turn on battery power option manually even if more than 15% battery power.

Set by Battery Saver
Set by Battery Saver

While the dark theme option force to always use the dark mode. It is not set accordingly to battery saver settings. But the Google Play store always deliver the dark theme when you open it.

Why Dark mode?

The smartphone and OS industry around the world is moving to the dark theme mode. It helps with battery life for smartphones. Most of the power consumption is record when the screen is on. However, the baseline is to increase and maximize the battery hours from a single charge.

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