Facebook Two Factor Authentication How to Turn ON/OFF

Two Factor Authentication

Secure your Facebook account with Two Factor authentication. Because most of the users are using the Facebook account to keep their personal information. And keep their data private such as video and photos. After that, if someone accesses your account without your permission could be a destructive experience.

A strong password is no more enough to make sure your FB accounts remain safe. So it’s more important to have an extra security layer for your account. To protect from access without your permission. You have to Activate Two-Factor Verification (2FA) on your account.

It enables a level of protection to the sign-in process. Similarly, help to secure your personal information from beings show up to the other users’ eyes.

What is 2FA on Facebook

Two-Factor verification enables extra protection to sign in after you enter your password. After the password, you need to enter the 2nd verification factor that you choose. These including Authenticator App, SMS code or voice call to verify on a specific number.

How it works

Each time you log in to your account, it will ask the second authentication to verify. You may not have access to the 2nd authentication each time. However, you can give the option to remember your choice for a similar device. It will not repeatedly ask when to sign in from the same device.

You may experience the security while sign in to Bank account. You already enable 2-step authentication on your Gmail account. Similarly, Facebook allows users to turn on/off the feature on their account.

How to Enable Two-Factor Verification on your Facebook Account

To enable two-factor verification on your Facebook account and choose 2nd-factor validation method, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook and login if required
  2. Click the Down Arrow
  3. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Security and login next to the General option
  5. Then scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section click the Edit, near to the option of “Use Two-Factor Authentication
  6. Enter your password and click Submit option
  7. Hit the Get Started option on the Two-Factor Authentication Dashboard.
  8. Choose a security method like Text Message or an Authentication app
  9. If you select the Authentication app. Then you have to generate a code while using a third-party app. If you select the Text Message then you will receive a text message with six-digit code from Facebook.
  10. Enter your Phone number to received digit code via mobile Text Message
  11. Enter the received code digit in the boxes and click Next option
  12. Finally, your Two-Factor Authentication is on and will show with the current date

#1 Open Facebook and navigate to Settings

Drop-down arrow and Settings

Sign in to your account and click the drop-down button then click on Settings.

#2 Open Security and Login tab

Facebook Security and Login option

From Settings, open the Security and Login tab to view all security sections.

#3 Navigate to Two-Factor Authentication section

Two Fator Authentication Facebook

In Security and Login tab, scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication tab. Then click on Edit button next to “Use two-factor authentication”. It will ask for a security code whenever an unusual device detect. You can also access it with a direct link here.

Enter Password and Login

Enter your account password for click submit button.

#4 Enable / Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Get Started with Two Factor authentication

On the welcome page, click on Get Started to proceed and turn on the feature. However, you will need to have a valid 2nd factor to provide and verify now.

Choose security mode for two factor authentication

Here you need to choose the security method. While you have two main options to use Authentication App or Text message. However, there is furthermore option in the Text message. Either you get SMS or use voice call to get a pin code.

You can to decide, do you have access to your phone all the time?. Authenticator App is possible to use even if you don’t have access to the network. Therefore, you need to carefully decide what you are doing.

Enter your Mobile Number and Next

When you choose a Text message, you will need to provide your cellphone. To do so, first, enter your country code. After that, enter the phone number and click Next to get a verification code.

Enter Six Digit code and Next

Enter the code you receive via SMS as a single digit in each box then click the Next button.

Two Factor authentication

Your Two Factor Authentication is on now. Furthermore, showing the date in the dashboard since turn on (date).

#5 Add back up option to Two Factor Verification

You need a backup option in case you lost access to the 2nd factor. You can set up a backup for recovery. This recovery is possible to help you when you lost your phone. Sometimes if accessing your account from another place or travelling to another country.

These methods of backup are not compulsory but are recommended in some conditions. When you are unable to get access to your primary 2FA application or device. After that, you can configure this option. By clicking the Setup and then Security Key or Recovery Codes options.

adding backup option to two factor authentication

The backup options are Authentication App, Security Key and Recovery codes. However, you can get or use any of them after you enable Two-Factor Authentication first. While you can also add trusted devices to not ask each time you log in to your account.

Backup options

a. Authentication App

Authentication App is to connect with Facebook 2FA and it will generate code each time it asks for the second key. While it doesn’t matter in case Authentication App is not connected to the internet. It helps when you don’t have network single on your smartphone.

b. Security Key

It is a device such as a USB or U2F (Universal 2nd Factor). These devices are with multiple features, such as to touch USB. And some devices allowing NFC function to access the 2nd key.

c. Recovery codes

Recovery codes are printable or even you can write down to keep your wallet. It is strongly recommended to keep it safe. It helps you when you don’t have access to anything. In some circumstances when you lost your phone. Sometimes travelling to another country with no signal on your phone.

How to Disable Facebook 2-Step Authentication

You can easily turn off Facebook 2-Step authentication on your FB account. So follow the steps to disable your 2FA feature.

  1. First of all, open your Facebook account and sign in if necessary
  2. Click the Down arrow at the top-up right-hand corner
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Click the Security and Login option in the left menu panel
  5. Go to the Two-Factor Authentication section and scroll down to click the Edit option
  6. Enter your password and click to Continue
  7. Click the Turn Off option near to the “Note that two-factor authentication is on
  8. A pop-up window will appear of confirmation to click the Turn Off option again to finish the process.
  9. Finally, your 2FA feature is now turn off on your Facebook account.
Turn off Two Factor Verification

The feature is currently enabled. To turn off, click the Turn Off button.

Enter Password and Login

Validate security login to re-enter your account password then click Submit.

Click Turn Off Two Factor Verification Feature

One-click away to finally turn it off.

Conclusion on Two Step Authentication

In conclusion, If you believe you are get involved in Facebook with a lot of personal information. And you are a worry for your security then 2-factor verification is an extra security layer to activate on your Facebook account. After that, it will not allow anyone to sign in your account. Even if someone knows your password. In the end, they will need to verify the login with two-factor authentication.

What you think of this security feature from Facebook. Are you aware and enjoying the feature? Write down in the comments below and share your experience.

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  1. How can i get the two factor authentication code if I can’t even log in to Facebook and it’s asking me for my login code… somehow Facebook completely lock me out my account and wouldn’t recognize my Gmail account it started an email I had years ago after I change everything and follows all the directions I get to the last step and then ask me for a generator code that I can’t get because I can’t even log in… pleaseeeeee help!!

    1. Same problem. I have no device to get a two-factor authentication code. I can’t even log in to my own Facebook. I also changed my email address to GMail . How do I get into my own Facebook account. Used to be so easy.

  2. Dear Sir,
    My email was hacked last week Thursday, he posted Hand of Help Investment for dubious business. Please assist my reputation, the hacker has sucessifully changed my gmail account and phone number to his own number.

    1. You need to start with the recovery option and notify Facebook. You need to try the recovery option from the same location you usually signing in to your Facebook account. Due to the location factor, your chances are 100% to get back your account. Even after someone else changes recovery options.

  3. Since yesterday Facebook has not sent me a verification code so that I can log into my account. I have been prompted to change my password on various since then and also received lots of recovery codes, my login page has flashed lots and I have messaged facebook and heard nothing back. Ihave never had this problem before on 2FA.

    1. Did you try checking Spam? Or someone might recently request too many times.
      It’s look like someone is trying to access your account. I will suggest you change your password immediately.

      When you didn’t request any recovery and recive code via email, it’s look like someone is trying to hands on your account.

  4. I broke my phone recently and I have the code generator on my account therefore when I go to log on it asks me for my code , but I cannot receive the code because I cannot get on my phone . How else can I get on my account ?

  5. I cannot get a code cause I’m locked out. Every time I send photo Id, it saying this page has been removed or the link is broken!! How can I get in??????

      1. On December 26.2019 my
        Facebook account was hacked and my password and email was changed on my account. Since then I have submitted my I.D. to verify my identity to reset my password so I could access my account again. When I got the email to do so, I followed the link and received the first code. I changed my password. Then it says ive never logged in from the browser before and asks for a second code which is supposed to come via text. I never receive this second code and so it won’t allow me to reset my password and access my account. How can I regain access to my account and reset my password?

  6. my account was hacked or deleted from fb admin I reset my password but it tells me I need a code from code generator however I can’t log onto my Facebook so I can’t get a code. My whole account is gone like it was deleted. I did the report with my id but I haven’t heard back. I need help.then I try to create new one but there are not give permission to me .please help me

  7. Same problem as above! I’ve sent all required information and FB initially responded but their steps sent me to “page has been removed or the link is broken”.
    I’ve asked if they can turn off two-factor authentication and have received no replies to my inquiries and requests for help. I can reset my password but can’t get the code because that mobile number no longer exists. I still have access to the email but code sent via email only allows me to reset my password, doesn’t work for the final step (two-factor authentication). Any suggestions?

  8. I was hacked and they took off my phone number and i got a nee phone so i cant access my code generator how do i get into my accoint without it

  9. The problem is I can’t even get access into my Facebook account to turn off the two factor authentication. Anytime I entered my password, I’ll be asked to enter the log in code which I don’t receive after many days of trying to access my account.

  10. My problem is almost similar to Susan’s just that I’ve my phone number intact with me but the code does nor come to my phone either by email or text message.

  11. I have the same issue and i have seen no solution. Can’t access code generator; all recovery methods end with enter code generator. I have dealt with this for a week. I simply do not know what else to try please help. If i could just get them to change me from code to text i would be perfect.

  12. I can not login to my Facebook. Each time I login, I’m asked for a login code. But no code is ever sent. Where would I find the code generator?

  13. The problem is I can’t even get access into my Facebook account to turn off the two factor authentication. I was hacked, and the hacker set up the two factor authentication requirement. Anytime I entered my password, I’ll be asked to enter the log in code which I don’t receive after many days of trying to access my account.

    1. Hello Henok

      If you believe the account is promised and someone else changes the password, then it should never accept your old password. Like you state above, that each time it asking you to enter the code. It is possible, you are entering your password correctly. And will suggest you go through recovery option like you don’t have access to provide two-factor authentication. Depend on your account, how you set up, the recovery options you set will be easy to answer. Is it asking you to provide recovery option OR did you try recovering your account?

  14. The problem is I can’t even get access into my Facebook account to turn off the two factor authentication. Anytime I entered my password, I’ll be asked to enter the log in code which I don’t receive after many days of trying to access my account.

    1. Make sure, you remember, the recovery address you added. Try checking your Spam folder or All Mails.
      Sometimes, it can’t be the same as your login account. Facebook enables the option to enter a recovery email different than the sign-in email address (Username).

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