Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof
Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

Do you know how to unlock a Facebook account without id proof 2022? As you know that social media platforms are mostly used in the world for interacting with other people. Facebook is also among ones of those that connect us with our family members, friends, and users on this planet. Maybe you know that Facebook and Messenger is the most private, valid, and easy way to connect with people we want the most. However, people are using it for business and personal. Due to the increased security measures on Facebook and Messenger on day to day to implement account privacy or protection we required. This will protect your Facebook account from scams and malicious threats online or on the Internet and offers to use the secure and best user experience. That is the reason they do many things to make things more secure while sometimes things may go wrong.

Sometimes Facebook will ask trusted and authentic accounts to confirm their identity. But sometimes your business or personal account may get blocked or disabled. You will not aware of what happens. But actually, you have performed something that is against Facebook community guidelines and you will do not know or have no idea. In this article, you will learn the actual reason why your Facebook account has been blocked/disabled. In any situation, you wish to unblock yourself on Facebook. This is the main reason why you are here and you will get the solutions and ideas to unlock and fix your blocked or disabled Facebook account without ID proof.

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Reasons for Why Your Facebook Account is Disabled/Locked

If you do not know why your Facebook is locked. According to Facebook company, they will lock or disable all those accounts that do not follow Facebook community guidelines or Facebook terms and conditions. However, sometimes it may be miss understanding or malfunctioning of the social media platform too. Anyways, let’s show you the main reason behind disability or locking your Facebook account.

  • Some unusual login attempt or Login issues
  • You were using a fake account name or username
  • You may have uploading or posting, links, posts, or some other content that again the Facebook Terms and conditions
  • Tried to prevent someone or Impersonating someone
  • You disabled your account temporarily and trying too long with a password you do not remember
  • You have chat or behavior with someone that is not allowed on Facebook and that is a violation of Facebook Community Standards.
  • Promoting, advertising, harassment, or other conduct that is not allowed on Facebook or Messenger.
  • Reporting anyone else authentic Facebook account
  • Using fake pictures
  • Doing not habitually or unusually
  • Using Facebook Two Factor Authentication and you have an issue with the Facebook 2FA confirmation code
  • If someone may have tried to gain access to your Facebook, so Facebook needs you to verify first your ident who you say you are. Typically somebody will report and flag you for this activity.
  • If you posted too many messages on group in a very short time then it will be considered a spam
  • You are under 18 year old.
  • You may have crossed friend-requested from Facebook’s friends policy, so this may casue should be a rarity.

Here are above some of the reasons that can cause of locked your Facebook account. However, some of the users are looking for the solutions of How can I unlock my Facebook account without ID proof, then continue to read the below some of the solution can help you fix it.

Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

In case you have ever done something against Facebook Term and conditions or Community Standards then do not waste your time and create a new Facebook or sign up for a new Facebook account. But if you have done something that again Facebook terms or it was a mistake. Then you can submit appear this way to confirm your identity without a government ID card etc. Let’s show you how to unlock or unblock your Facebook locked or disabled account without ID proof.

  • Open Facebook Help and page get to the disabled account page.
  • Now select the Use this form to request a review option.
  • Enter your name, subject, phone number, login email address, Account ID, and upload five screenshots of your account.
  • Write a comment to Facebook and shortly describe the problem you are having. In the last step, Click on the Send button and that is it.

Then upload those photos you have used in your Facebook account before. After that, Facebook will then try to check your FB account for that image and compare or match them with the one you have uploaded. If all the things go nice, then within one or two weeks you will get an email from Facebook to reset your password for your FB account. Go to your email and click on the link to type your new password and enjoy your Facebook again. So this is how you unlock, reactivate, unblock your disabled Facebook account without ID proof.

Unlock Your Disabled Facebook Account
Unlock Your Disabled Facebook Account

Moreover, this keeps in mind that, in case you do not follow the above instruction or steps for more than thirty days, then Facebook will permanently block or disable your account and remove or delete it from their database. Thus do not follow the above-given instructions if you have been disabled for more than 30 days.

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The Alternative Way to Recover Disable Facebook Account

This is possible if you have added some of the trusted contacts to your Facebook account. You will get help from them and recover or unblock your Facebook account in a few steps. Here let’s begin with the below ways how to do it.

  • Open any browser and go to the facebook.com
  • Click on the forgot account button
  • Then visit to find your account web page
  • Here enter your phone number or email address and password
  • Click on the Account from the list and select continue
  • Now send OTP to their phone number or email address
  • Then ask the contact and ask them to enter the OTP once Facebook asks for it
  • When the OTP is confirmed then Facebook will unlock or reactivate or unblock your disabled account
Another way to Unblock Disabled Facebook Account
Another way to Unblock Disabled Facebook Account

In case you think that nothing is working to recover or unblock your blocked Facebook account. But you will need to keep in mind the following things like your Facebook username, the complete or full name of your account, and link to your Facebook profile. Let’s get started to do it: Request your friend to report a problem with Facebook. In the description type to enter your full name, username, email, and alike to your Facebook profile. Facebook may try to contact you by email on the email address have attached to your Facebook account and may ask you for information they need to unblock or reactivate your Facebook account.

You can also try to remove or clear your mobile app or browser cache files. Maybe it will unlock your Facebook account and you do not know how it is done. Due to your web browser is using and showing you data files from the cache files. Thus remove your browser cache file or data and then try to sign in to your account and check if everything is fine and working.

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FAQs: Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people against recovering or unblocking your disabled Facebook account. And might you be interested to read it.

How Can You Reactivate Your Locked Facebook Account

In case you are disabled from your Facebook account, you may have the option to reactivate or reset your login info in one of these two ways.

Replying to Your Security Questions:

Simply follow the prompts on the screen and reply to the questions to prove your identity you are who you say you are.

Getting Help From Friends:

Select one of your friends on Facebook who you trust, and provide them with the designated URL which they require to visit to get a security code. When you have that code, you will need to enter it where prompted on screen.

What is the time it takes for Facebook to verify your identity?

If you would want to know how much time it takes Facebook to verify your ID after you submit the request form, you can get the answers from the points mentioned below.

There is no set timeline by Facebook in which you can expect to get a response from identity verification; it could take a little as 48 hrs or as long as 45 days or more.

In case your request for verifying your page of profile on Facebook got rejected, you must not lose all the hope is you can re-submit for the same in 30 days by containing any extra details that you feel will support you in your application. Furthermore, you can get more support from Facebook by contacting their customer service center for any extra assistance that you need.

What will happens if you don’t confirm your ID on Facebook?

If sometimes you get a notification from Facebook still need to confirm your identity and you did not. Then it is an indication of very serious trouble or problem. For sure, your Facebook account will be banned permanently. After that, there will be no way to help you get your blocked account back unlock. Simply, you will lose your FB account in case you do not confirm your identity on Facebook. So keep in mind these things and be very careful with that.

How to unlock Facebook account without ID proof 2022

To Unlock your disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof or Identity verification. Go to the Facebook Help and page get to the blocked accounts page. Now select the “use this form to requestion a review” option. Type your sign-in email address or phone number. Then type to enter your full name on the Facebook account you are using.

How to unlock Facebook account without verification

If you want to unlock a Facebook account without a verification identity. Go to Facebook.com and select the forgot account option then visit to find your account page. Here type to enter your email address or phone number and password. Select the account from the list and continue. Click to send the OTP to their phone number or email address, ask them and enter the OTP once Facebook asks for it.

Can I Skip ID verification on Facebook?

In short answer yes, you can skip the ID verification on your Facebook account. There are many methods to do it. But the very simple way is to use a proxy website. But we will never recommend you to walk through this way. The reason is that it may leak your Facebook account username and password. And someone will get access to your Facebook account and delete all the things that can help you to get unlock or get your FB account back.

Besides that an alternative and secure method are to skip Identity verification on Facebook is to report your Facebook as a compromised one. Facebook will understand that anyone else has hacked or access to your account and may help get back your Facebook account without ID verification or Identity proof.

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