How to Turn On-Off Vacation Responder in Gmail Web App

Gmail Vacation Responder on off
Gmail Vacation Responder on off

Learn how to set up an out of office or Vacation Responder in Gmail to send reply people’s emails immediately. If you are unable to send a quick response to people’s messages then it would be a bad impression. So if you are out of the office for a day or long term vacations and you want to let them know. There are many reasons to unable to reply to them right back always away from your Gmail account, on vacation or no internet connection. You can set up the auto-responder to get a notification to the people. When you are going on vacation or out office then set up your auto-reply feature from the Gmail settings with a message containing your vacation. The feature of auto-responder is available and setting up almost all email applications.

Sometimes, you need to mention your replacement when you are away. So People could reach alternative people at the business place when you are not available. You can even mention number of days that you can’t reachable and other contact details for emergency purpose.

You can set up this feature automatic respond to people only and prevent your Gmail address book to avoid responding to occasional or the newsletters. However, this function is super handy when you are away from the office or you on holidays.

Set Up and Out of Office Vacation Responder in Gmail

Let’s show you how to set up an out-of-office message in Gmail with the below steps:

  1. Open your and click on the Gear icon
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. Choose the General tab
  4. Go to the Vacation responder section and tick the Vacation responder turn on
  5. Select the date in the First-day field of your absence
  6. Choose the last date in the Last day field to specify the last date when you will out of the office
  7. Click in the Subject box enter a Subject and type message body text
  8. Tick the checkbox of Only send a response to people in my Contacts for sending automatically respond to people in your address book
  9. Finally, click on Save Changes at the bottom
Open Gmail, click Gear icon and Settings option
Open Gmail, click Gear icon and Settings option
General tab and Vacation Responder setting up
General tab and Vacation Responder setting up

The Vacation responder setup will send an automated reply to incoming messages. Similarly, it will not trigger auto-reply to continuous communication. However, the sender can get an automatic response once every 4 days.

How to Exclude Message from the Gmail Auto-Responder

If you want to prevent Gmail from sending automatic responses to the following messages by setting up filters that remove (and optionally forward) these messages. After the access of Gmail within 30 days, you can recover these emails from the Trash folder.

Set up an out of office responder in Gmail Mobile

Here are the steps to set up an out of office auto-responder with a Gmail app on your phone:

  1. Tap to open your Gmail app
  2. Next tap on the Menu bars or icon
  3. Select the Settings from the menu
  4. Then tap your Email address under the settings
  5. Tap on Vacation responder
  6. Next tap Turn on Toggle beside Vacation Responder
  7. Tap on the First-day drop-down select the date of you will be out of office
  8. Go to Last Day drop down and choose your date of you will absent from the office
  9. Type your appropriate Subject in the subject field
  10. In the Message, field type your message of out of office
  11. If you want to send an automatic reply only to your contact in the address book then the tick the checkbox beside of Send only to my Contact
  12. Finally, press the Done option at the top of your screen device
Tap to Open Gmail App and Three line bars or Menu
Tap to Open Gmail App and Three-line bars or Menu
Select Settings from the menu
Select Settings from the menu
Then Tap on Your Email Address
Then Tap on Your Email Address
Then Tap on Your Email Address and Vacation Responder
Then Tap on Your Email Address
Toggle on of Vacation Responder, Set up and Done
Toggle on of Vacation Responder, Set up and Done

Where is the vacation responder in Gmail?

The Gmail’s Vacation Responder is available in the General Settings at the bottom of the page. If you want to enable this feature then follow the above step-by-step instruction to turn on.

How do I set up out of office in Google Calendar?

Yes, you can set up out of office in Google Calendar from the Google settings in the following steps:

  1. Go to Gmail Settings
  2. Click on General tab
  3. You will see Working hours
  4. After that, the checkbox of the Enable working hours and adjust your exact working hours.
  5. Finally, If the exact working hours is not available in the Drop-down box then you can set your working hours Manually type

You will no need to set up the time zones. But Google will automatically infer time zones to avoid any confusion

How do I set up an automatic email response?

You can set up an automatic email response in your Gmail by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the File tab and then select the Info tab from the menu
  2. Next click on the Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
  3. Select the checkbox to send the Auto-replies option in the Automatic Replies dialogue box

Does Gmail have an AutoResponder?

Yes, the autoresponder is available in Gmail and it is a better alternative send response:

  1. User will unable to send a File attachment in the auto-response emails
  2. A canned response function is only available on the Gmail website. If you use Gmail on iOS or Android or use an email client like Microsoft Outlook if you are out of luck
  3. There is no option to automatic-reply email in bulk. For instance, you will unable to choose different email messages in Gmail and replies to them all with the same template. You need to send a reply one by one.
  4. You will need to set up Gmail filters for auto-responder messages. But the recipient will know that you have sent an automated reply. That is why Gmail adds ‘canned.response’ in the sender’s email. For instance, my email is but if I use the automated responses, the sender will appear up as

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