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Do you know what is Google Stadia? The world of gaming is changing, thanks in part to new cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia. The Google Stadia is a cloud-based video game service that introduces AAA titles that can be played on just about any device screen you own. Stadia present premium and free subscription plan options, both of which a growing number of titles to choose from. Rather than coming to market with anther console or PC competitor, Stadia’s new online service that allows you to play the game across an increasing number of the device on Google’s powerful cloud-streaming technology.

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What Is exactly Google Stadia?

A presentation of the devices Stadia can run on
A presentation of the devices Stadia can run on

Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated and developed by Google. Similar to NVIDIA GeForce Now and Shadow, it is a platform that lets you play video games on virtually any device thanks to online streaming technology. Rather than letting users pay for access to a complete library of games, Stadia needs users to purchase games to stream online over the internet.

So in case you do not currently own a good gaming PC or a console, or maybe you are traveling and wish to play on your tablet or phone, streaming games might be worth looking into.

Streaming games or Cloud gaming without the requirement for physical copies renders games on a remote server in place of your local device. That game is then streamed to your device while your input on a controller (or keyboard and mouse) is sent to the server, letting you play the game without the need for a console.

Google Stadia has an ever-expanding library, but depending on what games you are liked and interested in, you might wish to check out the library to ensure the availability of your favorites games. In case Stadia does not have the game you wish, it may be worth looking into a different streaming service, such as Amazon Luna or Xbox Cloud Gaming, which offer various titles and discounts.

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What is Needed to Run Google Stadia?

Here are the list of the requirements to run Google Stadia

  • The first thing is a Google Stadia account,
  • The Google Stadia app from the Play Store
  • An LTE/Wi-Fi data connection with at least 10Mbps downstream
  • Google’s Chromecast Ultra dongle
  • Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop
  • Android or Tablet
  • Required A Controller
  • You can buy the Stadia Controller for about $70
  • A keyboard and mouse, or a supported third-party controller.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox controller and Sony’s DualShock PlayStation 4 controller work fine
Google Stadia Controller
Google Stadia Controller

Because of Apple’s restrictions, the Google Stadia app on the App Store only lets the purchase of game titles. You cannot use the Stadia app to play games directly on an iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices, but you can use the app to manage Stadia on other devices.

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What you need to play Stadia on your TV, phone, or computer

Nowadays, gaming on Stadia is limited to a choose number of Google devices; however, Google has plans to expand the number of devices that support Stadia in the future.

Stadia to play on a TV

You will require a Google Account (Not compatible with Google for Education or G Suite) and a Stadia Premiere Edition that includes a Stadia controller and the Google Chromecast Ultra. You will also require to download and install the Stadia app on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android) to pair the Chromecast Ultra to the Stadia controller and open games to your TV.

In case you were invited to Stadia with a friend’s Stadia Buddy Pass, you still require your own Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra to play on your home TV.

To play Stadia on a Smartphone

You can play Stadia currently available on the following smartphone devices:

  • Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4XL
  • Samsung S8, S8+, S8 Active, Note 8
  • Samsung S9, S9+, Note 9
  • Samsung S10, S10+, Note 10, Note 10+
  • Samsung S20, S20+, S20 Ultra
  • Asus ROG Phone, ROG Phone II, ROG Phone III
  • OnePlus 5, 6, 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G, 8, 8 Pro, Nord
  • OnePlus 5T, 6T, 7T, 7T Pro, 7T Pro 5G
  • Razer Phone, Razer Phone II

A Google account is needed (not compatible with Google for Education or G Suite accounts) with an active Stadia account ( Activated when purchasing Premiere Edition or signing up for free, or through Buddy Pass invitation) and the downloaded Stadia application on your Pixel phone.

Using a Stadia controller needs a wired connection with a USB-C to USB-C cable; however, you can also pair Xbox One via Bluetooth, or PlayStation DualShock 4, or use any other Android device-compatible Bluetooth controller.

To play Stadia on a computer or PC

A Google account is needed (not compatible with Google for Education or G Suite accounts) with an active Stadia account ( Activated when purchasing Premiere Edition or signing up for free, or through Buddy Pass invitation). Sign into your Google account via a Chrome browser and go to Stadia.com to open the Stadia interface.

You will require a wired connection for the controller of your choice, or you can select a game using the keyboard and mouse of your computer. There are no hardware needs for playing Stadia on a PC, as long as you can install the Chrome browser. We have been able to play on a budget Chromebooks and an iMac with on issues.

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Online Gameplay and the Library

The available titles that can be accessed and used with a Google Stadia account can be detected in its game library. These are all games available for purchase and those given to Google Stadia Pro subscribers without cost.

1Assassin’s Creed Odyssey39NBA 2K20
2Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle40Octopath Traveler
3Borderlands 341One Hand Clapping
4Celeste42Orcs Must Die! 3
5Crayta43PGA Tour 2K21
6Cris Tales44Panzer Dragoon: Remake
7DOOM45PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
8Darksiders Genesis46Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid
9Destiny 247Rage 2
10Doom 6448Red Dead Redemption 2
11DOOM Eternal49Rise of the Tomb Raider
12Dragon Ball Xenoverse 250Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
13Embr51Samurai Shodown
14F1 202052Serious Sam Collection
15Farming Simulator 201953Shadow of the Tomb Raider
16Final Fantasy XV54Spitlings
17Football Manager 202055Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks)
18Get Packed56SteamWorld Dig
19Ghost Recon Breakpoint57SteamWorld Dig 2
20Grid58SteamWorld Heist
21Gylt59SteamWorld Quest
22Hello Neighbor60Strange Brigade
23Jotun: Valhalla Edition61Sundered: Eldritch Edition
24Just Dance 202062Superhot
25Just Shapes & Beats63Superhot: Mind Control Delete
26KONA64The Crew 2
27Kine65Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
28Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris66The Elder Scrolls Online
29Little Nightmares67The Turing Test
30Lost Words: Beyond the Page68Thumper
31Metro 2033 Redux69Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
32Metro Exodus70Trials Rising
33Metro: Last Light Redux71Wave Break
34Monopoly72West of Loathing
35Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom73Windbound
36Monster Energy Supercross 374Wolfenstein: Youngblood
37Mortal Kombat 1175Zombie Army 4
Stadia Games

So many more. Google also has daily-updated blog post for new video games as they become available.

Google Stadia Library
Google Stadia Library

How Much Does Google Stadia Cost?

Google Stadia’s subscription plan has been many changes since launch, but at the time of writing, Stadia has two subscription plans: the Stadia Pro membership and free membership.

Comparison of the two plans for Stadia
Comparison of the two plans for Stadia

Free Membership of Stadia:

You can think of the Stadia free plan as a free service, with choosing titles available at the time of you to sign up, plus the price of video games. There are not many free titles to select from, and any game not contains in the free title list must be purchased in full from the Stadia Store.

Pro Membership of Stadia:

Using the Pro Membership of Stadia and the cost is $9.99 per month, and each month you can ask for free games to add to your collection. Wich the Pro subscription of Stadia, you can play video games at 4k with HDR on your own Chrome web browser or Chromecast Ultra. The optional $70 Stadia Controller allows you to chat and listen with your Bluetooth headphones (not just a wired 3.5mm set).

When and where will Stadia be available?

Since its launch, Google Stadia has been available in fourteen countries, with expansion into new markets expected in 2020. Here is the list of countries where Stadia is available:

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States

While Stadia is available in Alaska and Puerto Rico, it’s worth is nothing that it is not available to residents of Guam, Hawaii, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, this might change if and when Stadia into the eastern Asia markets.

S.No.TerritoryFounder’s EditionStadia Pro (monthly)Stadia Controller
Google Stadia price
Google Stadia price

Ability to Share Captures

Both subscriptions of Google Stadia have game achievements, the capability to immediately share gameplay screenshots or captures to YouTube, and cross-platform voice chat.

You can order the Premiere Edition now

You can also choose to pick up the Google Stadia Premiere Edition in case you are absolutely positive you wish to invest in the complete package. The bundle includes a Google Staida controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra. The cost of Google Stadia Premiere Edition $99, though you will still have to pay $9.99 per month for Stadia Pro is available exclusively through the Google Store and comes with the following:

  • The Clearly White Stadia Controller
  • A Google Chromecast Ultra
  • A Stadia Controller Power Adapter
  • A Google Chromecast Ultra Power Adapter with an Ethernet port
  • Access to Destiny 2: The Collection and the other free games contained with Stadia Pro subscriptions.

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