What Is the Google Play Store? What You Need to Know

What is Google Play Store
What is Google Play Store

Google is known for most searches, but it has a lot to offer. Google Play is one of the famous official online stores for Android devices. You can find and download different forms of media onto your Android phones through Google Play Store. Google Play Store contains applications and games, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Books. It appears when you go to the Google Play Store, which is a digital marketplace full of content. Google Play is bringing Android games to Windows PCs in 2022.

If you are a new user of Android smartphones, you might be surprising: What is Google Play Store or Google Play, and do I actually need it? Let’s teach you everything you need to know about Google Play in this post.

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From Android Market to Play Store: Where the Google Store Started

Pre-Google Play era From 2008 to 2012: The Google Play Store begin its way of life as known as Android Market on October 22, 2008. It was first launched with Android devices as a digital marketplace and the main goal was to distribute apps and games. That’s all.

In the beginning, the Android Market was very basic. It did not support paid applications and games until 2009. However, as the Android platform increased, so did the Android Market. By 2012, it features more than 450,000 Android apps and games to download. Obviously, that number has become much higher in the past 5 years.

By this time, Google’s ecosystem was far more widespread than the humble beginnings of the Android Market. Actually, the Android Market was only one of the company’s online markets.

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Google Play Store: Three Stores in One

In the year of 2012, the creation of the Google Play Store was the culmination of three separate online marketplaces that Google was running at the time. It includes the Google Music Store, Android Market, and the Google eBookstore.

Introducing Google Play

Android Market

The Android Market was an online store and launched alongside Android devices. It is offering software apps designed for Android devices. While users get access to the Android Market using its website or the Market app installed Android smartphone devices.

Google eBookstore

In 2010 the Google eBookstore launched with over three million eBooks. Even so, the large library was mostly stored with public domain titles and scans.

Google Music

In 2011 Google Music launched in beta version, and fans liked and loved the local uploading feature. Its music library was not big enough to buy.

Not Android apps and games, the eBook stores and Google Music are not exclusive to Android smartphones and tablets. Google was getting the same access as Apple, which stored the App Store, iTunes, and Apple Books as separate entities. Although Google’s stores were not closely as famous, despite have spreadly availability.

To become more widespread and accurately reflect the scope of what Google had to offer, combined all the three stores under the brand of Google Play. The Android Market offer Software applications for all Android devices, eBookstore became Google Play Books and Google Music became Google Play Music all of them available to found in the Play Store.

The Google Store Branches off

Play Store Devices tab
Play Store Devices tab

In short words, the Play Store is an online marketplace or digital marketplace. However, it offers to sell physical devices, too. For a short time, Google sold Chromecasts, Chromebooks, and Nexus devices using a Devices tab on the Play Store.

For the time being, this was the only platform that Google had to sell goods. It was time for a new one when the company’s hardware efforts increased. In 2015 the Google Store was launched for the company’s hardware, and the Devices tab now directs on the Play Store to that instead.

Google Play Apps

The Google Play Store is an online store of millions of apps and games. You can download apps and games by opening the app or game page with the Plays Store and tapping Install it on your devices. Some of the applications take benefit of your device’s hardware capabilities, such as a front-facing camera (for online video calling) or motion sensors (for motion-dependent games).

Google Play apps home page
Google Play apps home page

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a book section of the Play Store for e-books and audiobooks. Where you can read listen and read a variety type of audiobooks and e-books on your Android device. There are currently more than 5 million e-book offerings. From literary fiction to children’s books to textbooks. And in case you are partial to audio-narrated books, there is select of free of cost audiobooks available as well.

You can also download and read the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Audible application from Google Play to access many titles.

Google Play Books website
Google Play Books website

Google Play Movies and TV

Movies and TV is a Google Play section that has available movies for rentals and purchases. You have access to a range of TV episodes from Television shows that appear on network and premium channels.

Google Play Movies & TV website
Google Play Movies & TV website

Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is a subscription Google service that all you unlimited access to download hundreds of awesome games for free, without ads or in-app purchases in the Google Play Store. cost $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. It will allow you to share with up to 5 other family members.

Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass

The Google Play Offers Tab

You can find an Offers tab on the Google Plays Store mobile version. This section appears you apps that have sales and promotions going on, containing discounts on in-game items and free demos, media, and many more.

The Offers tab in the Google Play Store
The Offers tab in the Google Play Store

Google Play Today:

At present time Google is the main online store for Android apps and games, ebooks, audiobooks, and movies and TV shows. The value of Google Play Music has been reduced in favor of YouTube Music.

Google Play Store On Mobile
Google Play Store On Mobile

The Play Store is pre-installed on Android devices such as phones and tablets as the main place for downloading and purchasing content. It can also be available on Google TV streaming sticks, Android TV, set-top boxes, and smart televisions. In case a device runs the Android version, it will almost definitely contain the Play Store.

During this, the Google Play Store’s other content areas, like Google Play Books, & Google TV, or Play Movies & TV, are available on other platforms, like on the iPhone and iPad. You can assess the Google Play Store anywhere while using a web browser as well.

Google Play Store Platform:

Here are the following Google Play Store platforms: AndroidAndroid TVWear OSChrome OSWeb

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services offered by Google is a background application that is required for downloading software apps and updates from the Google Play Store. In case you are having an issue with an application, it could be due to your need to update Google Play Services.


In the above article, you will learn about Google Play’s History, Google Play Apps and Games, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies and TV, and The Google Play Offers Tab. In short words, Google Play Store is the official online store for Android applications, games, movies, e-books, and music. You can download content free of cost directly onto an Android device using the Play Store app or send content to a device from your desktop computer using the Google Play Website.

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