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Google Store
Google Store

Do you know What is Google Store? Google Store is used for Google Made Devices & Accessories. If you want to buy Google products, you may have stumbled upon the Google Store. This is an online store where Google sells its own products, but it was not always like that. Google offers a peek inside its first retail online store a day before it opens in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Customers can come to try and buy entire of Google’s products and services. The Google online store will also provide support for devices and software apps.

What is Google Store?

Google Store is an online hardware retail store operated and owned by Google, that sells Google Pixel devices, Pixelbook, Google Stadia, Google Products, Google Nest products, Chromebooks, Chromecast dongles, Fitbit devices, and accessories like as phone cases, earbuds, chargers, and keyboards. It also sold Daydream, Nexus, and Cardboard devices until their discontinuation.

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The Google Store as a Devices Tab

The Google Store begins with a tab named “Devices tab now changing into the Google Store. The android market was the first store of Google. It was available only on Android devices, and it offered Android apps and games for Android devices. But slowly and gradually introduced various types of content to the Android Market, which required a change to develop in branding to “Google Play.”

Play Store Devices tab
Devices tab as Google Store

The Google Play Store is home to a wide variety of types of digital items, but it was also where Google sold Nexus tablets and phones, Chromebooks, and Chromecasts. All of this is available on the Play Store under the “Devices” tab.

Eventually, Google took a strong interest in creating its own hardware, which led to the making of the Google Store.

Made by Google: Devices Made by Googles

Devices Made by Googles
Devices Made by Googles

First hardware device

For the first time in 2012, the hardware device developed completely in-house by Google was the Nexus Q media device. At this time, on the Play Store, the only hardware being sold was Nexus devices, which were not developed by Google itself.

Chromecast in 2013

Unfortunately, the Nexus Q ultimately failed, but it did follow the Chromecast in 2013, which was the best success. That was only the starting of Google’s interest in developing and launching its own products or items in-house and acquiring hardware companies.

Launched Google Store

Google officially launched Google Store in March 2015. Up until this point, Google had only dabbled in hardware devices. Although the company was preparing to create a big push in this circle, the most important step was to introduce the Google Store.

Introduced Pixel Phone & others

After that, next year Google launched the first Pixel phones and the original Google Home smart speaker. This was the beginning of a (Made By Google) Google initiative. Since then, many of the items and products have been introduced in the Google Store. It is a home platform to Pixel Phones, Chromecasts, Nest smart devices, Chromebooks, and accessories.

What Can You Buy in the Google Store?

google store website

You can buy computers, phones, smart home devices, subscriptions, and more from the Google Store. In the Play Store, Google distributes digital goods and items, but as above mentioned, the hardware of its devices is sold in the Google Store. That contains Pixel phones, Chromecast, Chromebooks, Nest devices, and some products or goods from Google partners.

The Google Store is not a platform where you can purchase Google hardware. Dozens of its goods or products can be bought at retailers, containing Amazon and Best Buy. Although in case you purchase a Google product from Google itself, you will usually receive better customer support and replacements

The Apple Store will be equivalent to the Google Store. It is an online store owned by a company that makes the products or goods that are sold. In both examples, you may find and buy some of the products from other or third parties, but the numbers of the goods are from the owner of the store.

The Google Store is just an online marketplace to contrary the Apple Store. There are no “brick-and-mortar” Google Stores in the real world. You may locate particular Google Pop-up shops or Google Sections in stores such as Best Buy, but that’s all.

Google Store is a subscription in the rule of the Physical products and this is one exception. I mean you can only purchase subscriptions to product’s services like Google Stadia Pro, YouTube Premium, and Google One. These are subscriptions that usually go side by side with physical products.

The simplest explanation in Google’s description of the Google Store for its purpose: “Google Store for Google Made Devices & Accessories.” That’s it.

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