WhatsApp Status How to view without seen

WhatsApp status without seen
WhatsApp status without seen

View WhatsApp status without seen is it possible? Yes, possible with some tweaks mentioned below. Sometimes, you are curious to view or watch the status video but unfortunately, you can’t. Probably, you don’t want to list yourself in seen or view list.

What is WhatsApp Status?

Similarly, WhatsApp also includes the status feature as other social networks. Most of the people Keep update WhatsApp status and share with there friends and their contacts. Status is a kind of post message on the status wall they don’t need to send individually. But others or your contacts can easily view in their status tab. People are sharing photos, videos, GIF, text messages on their status wall. While in response, the poster getting view list when someone views or watch his status wall.

How to Check or See WhatsApp Status Without Seen

Whenever you are viewing the WhatsApp status of your friend or contacts the poster will receive an indication that you view their What’s App status. If you want to check secretly someone or friends or family status and don’t want any indication to receive by them, then you can follow the method below.

How-to Steps

  1. Open your WhatsApp App
  2. Go to Status tap between Chats & Calls.
  3. In Status Tab, tap on Menu button and go to Settings
  4. In the Settings page, tap on Account then go to the Privacy section
  5. Turn Off Read Receipts option
  6. View the status without Seen now
WhatsApp Status
WhatsApp Status Setting
Read receipts

You can now view all the status without getting in the seen list. The poster will not be able to track your view and there will be no indication that you viewed their status.

With Read Receipt (on) if you see the status of your friends then he will receive a notification that you view his status. Otherwise, (if Read Receipt off) you can see the status including messages with no notification. Your name will not show in the view list or no seen indication.

What to do after you view

When you view the status, then you can go back to turn on the read receipt. Becuase with turning off the read receipt, you will not be able to view someone reading your message. This privacy is sort synchronizing between users. You share your privacy, you can view someone privacy.

Keep Privacy

Nowadays everyone wants to do stuff without showing and want to keep secret from the other people. Similarly, in WhatsApp, most of people want to see the status of the other friends or people. But also do not want to show him that he/she seen his WhatsApp wall.

If you want to learn to see the status of the other friends without their notification. Then you need to read this article very carefully and follow the above steps don’t skip one of them. Your problem will be solved in this article.

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