WhatsApp Suspicious Group Name Ban All Users Permanently

WhatsApp ban groups member permanently
WhatsApp ban groups member permanently

The most famous chat platform across the world is WhatsApp, and it starts permanently ban users accounts for being a user of the malicious group’s name. Now users have taken to social media platform to share information about how their WhatsApp accounts were blocked for being part of a group name or groups with names suspicious

If you want to keep yourself safe from getting banned from WhatsApp, and then leave all the groups that have a suspicious name. Before a few weeks, the news comes to the trend that users getting ban from the WhatsApp permanently. However, the investigators reveal that most of the users are ban from the WhatsApp messaging platform because they are the part of a group with a malicious or suspicious name.

The appeal is always getting back with an automatic reply that you violate the terms and condition. Thus you have no option but to buy a new cell phone number.

Who Get Ban by WhatsApp Suspicious Group Name Permanently

According to the research that some users are part of the WhatsApp group. So later on the admin change the name of the group to an illegal name. After some time the group did not take so long for WhatsApp to ban the complete group. According to users reported that not only ban the group but banned all the users or members of the group from using the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Another report that some of the Reddit users claim that their group of WhatsApp ban after some time. Someone change the name of their group into an illegal or suspicious name, according to them not only the group but also the entire users of the group were banned from the messaging platform. When this issue came to their notification, they all try to contact the supportive team, so they only to receive automated responses that they violated the rules and can do nothing with that.

One of the other reports receives like that his friend changed the WhatsApp group name to something else which was malicious. So the WhatsApp block the entire accounts related to the group and the group was banned. Furthermore, according to a report that he got banned from the part of a group with illegal names and he gets access to WhatsApp using another number.

WhatsApp Auto Response

When people try to contact WhatsApp to get the reason for the banning from the messaging platform. After that, they receive an auto-reply which says that they violated their Terms and service. Accordingly, if you banned by mistake, then you can do nothing with that and WhatsApp not provide or offer any kind of assistance.

Unluckily, nobody has an idea that how WhatsApp detects groups with malicious names. However, it shows to affect old groups with more of the user’s participants. So if the group with suspicious names or even change the name of the group by a person it will get ban all the participants in the group.

If you want to ban all the participants of your group then simply change the name to malicious name or illegal name, so you could get banned all the participants. In other words, using this trick make it easy for people to use it as spam. People for fun will start changing the group name to kick out everyone. It is recommending to group Admin to protect their group permissions.

Feature of Adding Member to WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp changed the method of add users to a group. So you will see a feature of invite in a group that lets someone decide to whom you want to add to your group. You can see three options in the adding feature like My Contacts or My Contacts except, everyone.

  1. My Contact Only: If you choose My contact only then it is a permission to add to the group, while you choose this option.
  2. Everyone Option: If you choose everyone’s option then it means anyone can add the users to the group.
  3. My Contacts Except: Once you select this option, it allows the user to add members to your group except for particular contacts

Important Recommendation

WhatsApp is a platform for chatting and calls. Their chat is end-to-end encrypted, which means WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen. So you may have a question, that how would they block or banned a group? That the company cannot read or listen to the content and that is fact. But according to the source, they can read the metadata like Name of Group, group date creation, group subject, and group description, etc..) With such information, if they find something suspicious, or illegal, the group, and all its participants will be banned from the messaging platform.

WhatsApp Suspicious Group Name Ban All Users
WhatsApp Suspicious Group Name Ban All Users

Important Note:

If you are the admin of the WhatsApp group do not frequently temper with metadata of your group. Also, enable the new Group Info Restriction function that the group info will change by admin only.

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