Check WhatsApp Network Usage Stats and reset

WhatsApp network usage stats
WhatsApp network usage stats

WhatsApp let you know everything from their App including network data usage and statistical data. The network usage stats include all data send and received. It calculates the communication sending and receiving by users via chat and group. All the contents include Text messages, contacts, locations, photos, stickers GIFs files, Videos, Audio Messages and documents. All items either sent or received counting as the usage of sending and receiving. Furthermore, after the user reviews the data stats, the option to get WhatsApp network usage reset statistics. It helps the user to identify from the data of reset to monitor network data usage for a specific period of time.

How to view and check WhatsApp network usage

  1. Open WhatsApp App and Tap on Menu
  2. Tap on Settings then tap on Data and storage usage
  3. Under Usage section, view the Network Usage Sent / Received stats
WhatsApp Menu Settings
WhatsApp Settings Data and Storage Usage
WhatsApp Settings Data and Storage Usage
Network usage sent received
Network usage sent received

Total usage Sent and Received

List of Network Usage on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows the user to see detail breakdown of the following communication medium that count towards network usage. Each item present with a separate amount of data consuming while send and receive. Following are the list of items.

  • Calls
  • Media
  • Google Drive
  • Messages
  • Status
  • Roaming


Call usage shows all outgoing and incoming calls. In other words, the number of total calls user received and outgoing call to others. Along with network usage separately for outgoing and incoming.

WhatsApp calls are now End-to-End


Media include all files include photos, videos, voice message, stickers and documents. These items include in the media section that shared with others or received from anyone via chat conversation. Chat conversation is either from a single user or within a group. Similarly, the separate usage showing for send and receive items.

Google Drive

Google Drive usage count when the user starts backup to Google Drive. Both send and receive data usage count. When a user starts uploading backup to Google Drive, its record in Send network usage. However, the user retrieves backup from Google Drive is a count against received network usage.


All chat messages sent or received in any conversation are counting as the total number. These messages are then calculating and depend on the characters included in a single message. Usually, text message consuming less network usage compared with other stats.


Status is photos and videos adding in the Status section to view by your contacts. Similarly, the user can also see someone else status posting images and videos. view or posting it is consuming network data. Thus it is also included in the network usage to view send and receive data.

How to Set Empty WhatsApp Status


Roaming is set out of the region and beyond the current cellular network. Usually Roaming network usage is usually consuming extra charges due to the signals and network support getting from cellular network operator aboard. It may charge a huge amount depending on the country you visit. Therefore, WhatsApp allows users to view roaming network usage data separately to determine data usage.

Network usage WhatsApp All items
Network usage WhatsApp All items

How to reset statistics of WhatsApp network usage

The stats of all items give the user an idea to find which item use is more and consuming more data. Sometimes, the user may want to know the network usage stats monthly to determine the network data package or any other purpose. Whatever the case, WhatsApp let the user reset statistics whenever the user needs to reset. However, the reset statistics also indicate when was the last time you reset the statistics. To reset the statistics, refer to the following steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on the Menu
  2. Go to Settings, then tap on Data and storage usage
  3. Tap on Network usage to see all the items stats
  4. Scroll down to Reset statistics and tap on Reset statistics
  5. Network usage stats reset completely and start counting new
Reset Statistics
Reset Statistics

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