Why Netflix Video is Slow or Choppy? Fix-It.

Netflix Video is Slow or Choppy
Netflix Video is Slow or Choppy

Do you know Netflix lagging issue and how to fix it? If your Netflix Instant slows or Choppy or runs to the lagging issue. Then do not be afraid. Although it is incredibly frustrating, you are not alone in facing this issue. because many Netflix users have recently reported a very similar problem. There are several variables that could be a reason for the problem. More importantly, you should be able to solve it pretty easily. Here are several troubleshooting guidelines you can use to see what is the main reason for Netflix to display video poorly.

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Why is Netflix Slow or Choppy?

There are several reasons but many of them cause to Netflix be instant choppy or slow to show videos poorly.

  • Netflix site is down
  • Network Equipment (wireless router or cable modem ) issue
  • Due to connection speed or slow Internet Speed
  • Not connected to Google’s Public DNS
  • Using the audio and video driver out date (Windows)
  • Using the software not updated
  • You are not using a 5GHz Wi-Fi Network

Netflix lagging issue “SOLVED”

Here is the following fixes list that has resolved this issue for other Netflix users. You do not have to try them all. Just follow the list one after another until you find the one that does the trick for you and fixes the problem. Reset Netflix, Reset Network equipment, check your Internet speed, connect to Google’s Public DNS, Update video and audio drivers (Window), update software, and make sure you are using a 5GHz Wi-Fi network.

Reset Netflix

If you are Netflix with a web browser, try to get out of the entire browser windows, then reload Netflix. In case you are using the mobile app on a device like an Android or iPhone device, close the app and get out completely, then reopen it again.
In case you are watching Netflix via an Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or other streaming devices, visit the Netflix main screen and select the Get Help option. Then select the Reload Netflix option.
If the above steps do not fix it then try to reboot or restart the device completely by turning off the power, then turning it on again.
Check Your Internet Connection Speed

If you are using a computer that is connected to the same network you are using Netflix on, try to use a service such as SpeedTest.net to check how fast your internet connection is performing, and in case it is performing as it should. You will need to make the speed you can get match how fast of an internet connection you require for the content quality you have to set on your Netflix account. You may have to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Netflix account
  • Then Go to the Account option
  • Select the Profile option
  • Next tap on the Playback settings option
  • To lower the Data usage setting to Medium or Low

In case you are unable to get internet connection speeds you think you should make sure that there is nothing else connected to your network that should be using up the bandwidth. Otherwise, contact your internet service provider to view if there is an issue on their end.

Reset Network Equipment

If you are connected to the internet while using the wireless router or cable modem equipment. Sometimes this network equipment needs refresh to maintain your internet speed. So you will need to reset these items to view if it can help you. In case you cannot find the solution to reset this equipment you can usually just switch off or unplug the device, wait for a few seconds, then plug in the device back.

Close bandwidth hogging applications

If other apps are running your computer background such as iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive that need an Internet to upload and download files or some of your friends or family members are watching movies and TV shows on other devices at the same time, Netflix is choppy or slow or lagging problem may occur. To fix this problem, you require those bandwidth-hogging apps. Here is how you can do it.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys on your keyboard at the same time to navigate the Task Manager
  • Right-click on the bandwidth-hogging apps and then click on the End task button
  • Then try to play a movie or TV show on Netflix

Switch to Google’s Public DNS

If you are not sure the ISPs are limiting bandwidth somehow using their DNS servers, but I have seen several instances where connecting the DNS server over to Google Public DNS has worked miracles for Netflix connections.

Go to your wireless router setting and change the Primary and Secondary DNS to ( and ( respectively. For more info, go to Google’s Public DNS page.

Upgrade Audio & Video Drivers “Windows”

If you are watching Netflix with your Windows PC, make sure you have installed the updated and best version of the video and audio driver for your video card and sound card hardware. You may have to check the PC manufacturer’s website to upgrade to the updated driver’s versions. Microsoft automatically provided the drivers do not work properly always.

Disable your VPN

If you are connecting with a VPN or proxy during watching a video on Netflix, sometimes it would choppy or slow down the internet connection speed to the Netflix server, so Netflix lagging problem may occur. Try to turn off the VPN to see if the issue is fixed. In case the Video on Netflix is still slow or lags, try another fix below.

Upgrade Software To Latest Version

In case you are using a device like Android, iPhone, and Roku, make sure that you have installed the updated version of the Netflix app or software.

Make sure You’re Using a 5GHz Wi-Fi Network

If your device is connected with a wireless router through which you are watching Netflix, make sure that it is connected to 5GHz. Because 2.4GHz networks are everywhere and have a lot of interference.

Don’t Download and Stream

Downloading a big file while streaming can also cause Netflix lagging or stuttering on chrome. Therefore, you may need to pause or finish the download before streaming on Netflix.

Your internet speed of the service provider offers is another main factor. Ensure you run a speed test to make sure about what you are getting from your ISP. In case the speed is slower than what your ISP has advertised, you may need to contact the service provider company to help out to fix the issue.

When the problem has been solved, your Internet speed will be optimal and you will be able to stream Netflix without lagging issues.

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How to Fix Netflix video lag on Android?

How do I fix Netflix lag on my Android? Then you will need to Restart your home network>Clear the Netflix app data>Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix app>Restart your home network>Improve your Wi-Fi network signal>Unplug your modem or your wireless router, if it’s a separate device) from power for 30 seconds>Plug in your modem router and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on>Turn off your mobile device.>Turn your device back on and try Netflix again.

Why is Netflix lagging on my smart TV?

If you watching Netflix with your smart Tv then Check your connection speed. Because the Netflix lagging problem is most probably triggered by your internet network condition. Before fixing Netflix lagging issue, check your internet connection speed first. Go to the Netflix home screen. Open up and select the Settings gear icon and tap on Check your Network to check your internet connection speed.

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