Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp

Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp

Are you recently encounter and suddenly getting error Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp and you need to contact support for help. Most of the user seeing the message and they have no other option but to contact WhatsApp for help. Once your mobile number is blocked, after that, you can’t use it again. You have no choice but to start reading the terms and of service carefully. If you believe, you didn’t violate any terms, then complain to help center via email to find out the reason and review their decision.

Usually, every business has its terms, use, services, user contract, privacy to follow. But unfortunately, no single user is reading it at least to learn what you can and what you can’t. Specifically, the restriction part that can take you down from using WhatsApp. We are bringing a few terms in your notice that could actually the cause of blocking your number. However, these are not limited, but at least to understand the cause of your ban.

Why my number is banned from using WhatsApp

The short answer is that you violate the WhatsApp terms of service. And they believe you are harmful user and harming other users and server. Sometimes you may cause the outage and using it too far than red lights.

Following are the number of reasons:

Chat Activities

Some times you are sending contents that people don’t like. The contents include harassment, nude, adult text and instant messages that cause disturbance to users. WhatsApp actually can’t read your contents but the user is blocking you, reporting you spam, and other reports that reaching to a high number. Due to a number of reports against you is cause the ban of your number.

Groups report and suspicious group names

Any harm to the community and unauthorized use of WhatsApp is not allowing you according to the legal info. You are inviting people to the group and user report your activities. Sometimes distributing fake news and infographic contents that hurting people. No choice but actually, and behind the scene, they keep reporting you while you don’t know. You even didn’t realize after you get banned and you don’t know there are a pile of complaints against you. WhatsApp also recently start knocking user if they are a member of the suspicious group. Any group name as metadata is visible to the WhatsApp developer team and taking action to the group participants.

Check of WhatsApp ban suspicious groups and members.

You need to take care that you are not a member of any group with a suspicious name. It could cost you get ban your number forever. And you have then no choice but to buy a new sim card.

Harming servers and causing an outage

Sometimes, you are sending the huge size of files and sharing to the number of groups. This causing service disruption and outage for other users. Making it too busy to deliver the huge size of files. Such sending large files size of more than 50MB. Although the distribution of sending one message is limit to 5 people or groups. Which is demonstrating to avoid misuse of service but people are still trying to keep sending it partially to other groups.

For instance, if you are sending a file size 70MB to 5 groups, and each group is members are 100+. After that, each member is downloading it to their device which means 500+ members are getting the huge size of files because of you. And what, if you are sending it too far, suppose more than 5 groups. Is it not you causing it the use of high bandwidth to WhatsApp servers. Furthermore, making it busy for a long duration to finish the task that you just create causing spam.

Promoting fake news, violent crimes, viruses and malware

Protecting the community from fake news, WhatsApp is tagging forward messages to let other users know. If similar message contents are fake news and violent crimes, then high chances are to ban you from services. Similarly, users who are spreading viruses and malware getting to punish with similar reason.

Sometimes, you are promoting fake links asking group members to click for fake bounties. They are getting nothing, but harming their devices and reporting you in spam category. Thus it is causing the violation of service and you get permanent ban to use the service anymore.

Misuse of API and third-parties Apps

Altering the services and misuse of API. Setting up automatic messaging to let bots working for you but actually it is spamming and against the terms. And somehow you are going too far than the allowed limit. Similarly, using third-party apps to get your account access and distribute a message on your behalf. Mostly, the marketing team doing a similar act to complete their target and reach the maximum audience. Apart from, that they are not using WhatsApp business and instead they are manipulating the servers.

Getting blocked and reporting against you by several users

People who don’t like your message, and you deliberately keep sending message to the people you don’t know. Sometimes you collect data of any region and start hitting them as your audience. People find you annoying to them and start blocking you when they are getting too much. Similarly, several users are reporting against you and it keeps counting against your profile. When you reach the limit, causing much distraction to other users, then it is automatically triggering against your profile number to get a ban as soon as possible.

Use of WhatsApp GB and Plus

These Apps are the third party and are not officially WhatsApp Apps. While it is not allowing to use any third-party app to access your account instead of the official one. Since the security measure of other apps are not controllable and it is not sure that you are safe. It is the reason, that you are not allowed to use other third-party Apps such as GP and plus. If you are using a similar App, it is strongly recommending to switch to the original App as soon as possible.

You are not in their contact list while you are broadcasting them

Mostly for the marketing purpose, you are not in the user contact list. But actually, you keep following the same steps to keep sending to new users. There is a high ratio of and the ratio is increasing as of your activity to report you as spam. It is how you are getting too many spam tag to let you ban from using the free services.

It is recommending for proper marketing, to reach the audience in the proper introduction and find their concent and subscribe you. After that, you can deliver your messages without any hesitation as it is now user interest.

How to contact WhatsApp help for a Banned number

When you get the error message “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp Contact Support for help” after that, tap to connect support or send email message including your mobile number. If you strongly believe, that you didn’t violate the terms and condition after reading it, then claim back your account to unblock it. You will receive a reply from WhatsApp help after 24 to 48 hours. While in some cases, it could take days and weeks. If you the reply still claiming that you violate the terms and conditions then you are permanently banned to use it anymore.

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